World Congresses of Dance Research

International Dance Council CID

CID Teleconference


1.  Open to professionals from all forms of dance, free of charge, provided they register till the previous day by sending their full data, validating and testing connection. 

2.  Conferees must be dance professionals, not necessarily CID Members. They:

2.1.  Send their full data

2.2.  Validate their email address

2.3.  Test their conection with the Organizing Team

2.4.  Receive a link to the session

2.5.  Get (if they wish) 1 minute to present themselves and another 2 minutes in each round of the discussion. The moderator can grant more time if possible. 

3.  Organizing Team members ensure the preparation and smooth flow of the conference session. The Team is composed of staff of the CID Secretariat, Conference Coordinator(s), Moderator(s), as well as Presidents of CID Sections in the country.  

4.  Moderators are in charge of the discussion. They hold conferees within time limits and within questions raised. Moderators remain impartial and do not express their views. 

5.  Program flow is to be kept strictly, especially as regards time allocated to each conferee. If for any reason a conferee cannot speak when called by the moderator, his/her speech is moved to the end of the round. 

6.  Out of country residents take part only if the number of conferees is not too high. CID Members have priority, they are accepted if they speak the working language.