CID Teleconferences are free of charge.

They are open to dance professionals from all forms of dance (not necessarily Members of the CID) from all countries (provided the speak the working language). 

To maintain a professional level we kindly ask you to:

1.  Validate your email address, to message you safely

2.  Send your data, to know you

3.  Make a test at Zoom, to avoid technical problems 

1.  Email validation

–  Go to    

–  Write your email address

–  Find a link in your inbox – Click on that link

Validation is effective only after clicking the link. 

2.  Send your data

–  Name of person:

–  Name of school/company:

–  Position in organization (director/teacher):

–  Postal address (complete, with postal code and country):

–  Email (confidential, will not appear online):

–  Website:

–  Fixed phone numbers (for international dialing):

–  Mobile phone numbers (for international dialing):

–  Activities, describe your work and education:

To check your FREE listing type your family name at 

3.  Zoom test

–  You may receive a call or message from the Coordinator asking you for an appointment. 


Etiquette for CID conferees 

Your name. Write your full name in your window; no anonymous participants or artistic names.

Self-presentation. When unmuted start always by presenting yourself in a few words.

Speak clearly, think that for many conferees it is not their mother language.

Be brief. Prepare your intervention and time it. Remember you address professionals who are knowledgeable and have limited time.

Contacts. To find more about other conferees and eventually contact them search their name in the Global Directory; no need to write your data as chat.

Appearance. No lights behind you; no noises; prefer a clear background;